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Oooh man

So here I am on Friday morning, after coming back from my 8 o clock liberal arts class...I saw my angry entry and noticed that was the last thing people have read about me, so I gotta let everyone know Im not angry anymore, haha.

Well, I ended up getting a cheap flight home thanks to BRIAN BRAUNLICH and he really did save my life. If I had to take the train, I would have cried. Hes the man. But anyway, coming home was really nice. It was so great seeing everyone and being home and getting to perform! I dont know if any of the other college kids think like this, but being in Boston is fantastic, but I'm reminded of home a lot, just by the most randomest things. And hearing from people at home, and actually coming refreshing. It was nice to come to a place that I'm familiar with and seeing familiar faces who know who I am! Even thugh Boco is pretty small, I still dont know everyone, and a lot of the city is still unfamiliar, so coming home made me feel good. Being with family, friends, and of course the boy, made me think about why I am here at Boco, and what I get to do everyday, and how lucky I am, and I learned that where I come from is pretty hard core.

So anyway, coming back was also nice. Living in a city is definetely something I've gotten used to, and being in the suburbs was weird! (Driving was also weird, haha) But being back in Boston made me happy, and getting into the swing of things again was of course, great. Classes are still going very well, I'm busier than ever. Friday is my chill day, I dont have another class till 1:30 aand today is especially exciting because Andrew Lippa will be here holding a master class. Yeah man, Wild Party? He wrote that shit. You guys know "Life of the Party". This is the guy. So excited. And this weekend is our homecoming...which is kind of silly considering we dont have a sports team, but I guess we're playing football somewhere, and theres a dance. Yay

Following the Sox has been especially exciting now. They're one game behind the Yankees and are tied with Cleveland for the Wildcard. We play the YANKEES today and over the weekend, and theyre playing HERE, which is so freaking exciting. A lot of crazy stuff will be happening...we were thinking about camping out over the weekend to get standing room seats, hopefully things will follow through!

I went out to dinner yesterday with my Aunty Ellen, my cousin Lisa, and my roomate Jenny, which was very nice. And this weekend, theres a hawk reunion at Freddy's apartment, and we're making dinner. Heck yes. Me, Melissa, Freddy and Julia are getting together (Dinah is in NYC) and are gonna catch up and have fun. I'm very excited. And also, on Monday, Kim Grigsby is coming to take Freddy, Melissa and I out to dinner because we're her scholarship winners. Since it's a Monday, she won't be conducting Light in the Piazza, so shes making the trip to take us to a really fancy restaurant called The Top of the Hub...which should be fantastic. Holey Moley.

So, I guess thats all for now. I wish you crazy guys could come to visit me. We'd have a good time, haha.

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