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Hooray! An update!

Its going to be short

A good news bad news one

GOOD NEWS : I had a lovely break, even though it was too short and I didn't have enough time to do what I wanted. I also got a callback for Boco's spring mainstage, which is pretty freaking awesome. There are only a few freshmen, and for the part I got called back, its only between me and another freshmen girl. Crazy. We got new music in my musical theatre class, and were doing the ballad of sweeney todd and a pretty arrangement of Somewhere. Yaaaay. I have an A- in ear training.

BAD NEWS : Someone took my luggage on the train on the way back. A weeks worth of clothes is gone. Hair dryer and curler are gone. No glasses. No make-up. No Christmas decorations I brought for the dorm! New poster Dale got me. SAD. TIMES. Theyre supposed to call me if it shows up, but I havent gotten a call yet. And I have this random woman's luggage who probably took mine because it looks similar and I have to bring it back to the train station which is far away.

And i got jury duty. In Massachusettes. On a freaking Wednesday morning at 8. What are the odds?!


That is my life right now

PS Finals are so soon! Geez!
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