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Hooray! Update!

So I've been teching for the opera all this week. Today is the last show.
Boy am I happy
I work the lightboard. It's pretty sweet. I press go and hang out with the stage manager in the booth.
It gets boring, especially since it's a 3 hour opera. Geeeeez.

Today is Superbowl Sunday, and me and my roomate's are going to Hannah's boyfriend's apartment to watch the game. It will be super fun, especially since Jenny and I are picking out the food. MMMMmmmmm

Speaking of roomates, I'm in a new room with 2 new roomates, and it's so happy! It's so much better than living downstairs, I'm on the 3rd floor now, and we have fun neighbors. And it's like a sleepover every night. Aand we all have boyfriends.

Speaking of boyfriends, Dale is coming this weekend! And we're going on a quadrouple date with my roomies and their boyfriends for Valentines Day and it will be sooooo fun. I'm really excited, we've been talking about it for a week!

And that's all for now, I figured I should update.

The end :)
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