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More random thoughts

I am very lucky
To go to the college I wanted to go to
To have really amazing new friends here
To have a family that supports me
and to have a boyfriend who still loves me

Places that you can make your own pottery at are
a) super fun
b) good for dates and can be very romantic
c) good for a girls night out also
d) good place to celebrate a one year anniversary, even if it's technically about 2 weeks away

Simply walking in a mall like the Pru can have lots of little surprises
Seeing a children's opera can actually be romantic and not silly
Waiting over a half hour after being told to wait for 20 minutes at an italian restaraunt can be ok if you're holding someone's hand and you have silly MIT boys to giggle at
And spending a weekend with the boy you havent seen in weeks and have everything be like you haven't spent a day magic :)

Thank you for such a good weekend Dale :)

In other news, I have MIDTERMS. Boooo

I also like to listen to jazz now
Its so chill and nice

Also, orangey-pinkish roses are gorgeous
Especially when they're blooming

I like that its cold outside.
Autumn in New England
Sounds nice, huh?

Still excited for my Butterfly costume
Also excited for upcoming breaks
Thanksgiving will be fantastic
And so will Christmas
Mmm, Christmas!

Family weekend is in a few days
I'm excited, and not bummed that my parents will be here
I think it will be happy

I love it here
But home still makes me happy
Hearing from people back home is so happy

Who knew doing laundry and going grocery shopping brings a smile to my face

Oh, college
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