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Another update

Who knew I would want to write in this thing again!
I guess I have more things to say...this summer has been so busy

To kind of follow up my last entry, Call Me Mister went very well. It didnt start off that way though...the first rehearsal I went to after i got the email about my cut song was very very difficult. To keep a long story short, they added more solos, they put me in the very back and asked me to be backstage and be a dresser.

I was upset.

I had to let them know how I felt, so I did. They apologized and said they really appreciated me sticking with the show...I was the only one from my song that stayed. I was still upset, but I got over it. They put me in the front and i didn't have to go backstage. The show was funny, cute, I got to work with equity actors and it was definetely an...experiance. A good one I think. I do have to admit though, it was a looong week.

Coming back to Blood Brothers was so happy. I really did miss everyone, and they gave me such a nice welcome back. Everyone was just so nice, and they made me feel good. It was nice to have people come up to me after i did scenes and just be like, "Its great to have you back"

Rehearsals are still going well. Honestly, its kicking my butt. It's a great role, and I've been working hard. This director is really tough, and I've decided to set a goal for myself to have her tell me good job during notes. She's not one for giving compliments I've found.

I've also started working. The camp job is great, the pay is awesome and I get paid to play kickball, swim and put on little plays. The first session ended today, they did a play about pirates and mermaids.

The only down side is I am so busy, and I miss everyone. I don't really have time to hang out or see only day off is Sunday, and I'm always real tired...having to get up early for work, then going straight to rehearsal and not getting home till late kills me.

Its what i wanted though. Working during the day and doing a show at night is what I wanted.

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